Employee Engagement / Training / Orientation Videos

Are you still kicking it old school with your employee training program?

Are you ready to embrace the digital revolution with an orientation video?

There have been so many technological advances over the past 10 years that moving to a video-based employee training program or orientation video is as easy as pie. It’s efficient, consistent and economical, and the award-winning Tweedle Productions Inc. team has the inside track on how to do it with as little drag on your time as possible.

We can help you create a series of training videos that will help your company reduce travel costs, save on billable time and reduce support-call volume in customer support centres. Watching a brief tutorial video is faster and less intimidating for people than downloading and reading through a thick manual.

Or, maybe you’d like to generate greater employee or customer engagement through video? We can help you brainstorm ideas and develop a strategy that will work with your schedule and budget


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