Corporate Videos / Grant Application Videos

Let’s face it. Most people believe that “successful company” and “corporate video” go together like “Proctor” and “Gamble.” If your business doesn’t have a corporate video, you might consider whether you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity to showcase your company’s credibility and brand promise. If your corporate video was produced more than five years ago, it’s way past time for an update.

A corporate video allows you to share highlights of your company’s history, areas of excellence, commitment to customers and quality focus. Tweedle Productions Inc. can bring out the best in your team and customers to capture the essence of your company’s story so your video speaks volumes about your biggest strengths.

Grant Applications

Are you submitting a grant application to a government agency or other body in order to get the funds to do more for your audience? Why not consider a powerful video component to give your request more emotional impact? Tweedle Productions Inc. is highly skilled at “showing” rather than “telling” people why you merit the money you’re seeking. We can give your story the visual authority that will make a difference to your outcome.

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