Media & Presentation Training and Consulting

Do nervous ticks emerge out of nowhere every time you think about-facing a video camera, speaking to a live audience or even presenting to fellow colleagues?

Are you worried that an upcoming video gig is going to make you look like a total fool in front of the Entire World?

In short, does the thought of being in front of a camera or live audience make you want to head for the hills?

Fear not! Tweedle Productions Inc. can help you tame the fear and channel your inner Superstar so you can light up the screen while establishing your authority in your industry. We’ll coach you from your starting point, whatever that might be, through to One-Take-Wonder status, using skills we’ve developed through thousands of hours of experience both in front of, and behind, the lens.

From makeup, wardrobe and body language awareness to mock interview and presentation techniques, we’ve got you covered. In fact, one of the big things we do is give you permission to be yourself. We provide the added benefit of focusing on what your audience is receiving to help you achieve a personal growth trajectory like you’ve never before experienced!

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