Special Event Coverage / Red Carpet VIP Event Planning

Do you need to create some buzz for an upcoming special or VIP event? Would it be great to re-live that wonderful day over and over again?

With Tweedle Productions Inc. behind the lens we can ensure that the multi-camera footage captured from your special event is distilled down into a remarkable video that makes you ring with pride. You might find this a suitable idea for a product launch or grand opening as well.

We’ll blend into the background and capture the day so subtly that many of your guests won’t even realize what we’re doing. After we finish capturing the laughs and tears from your dynamic event, we’ll work with you to handcraft a video that conveys exactly the right message so your audience will engage more powerfully with your organization.


Unique Event Planning

If organizing your event is just one bridge too far, we can do that for you, too. We plan everything down to the last detail, and we can even develop an eye-catching “save-the-date” video that will create a BIG sensation. Although we are highly organized in our work we go for the “WOW!” in everything we do, bringing an unlimited imagination and unerring sense of occasion to our work on your behalf.

We also provide professional emcee services to take the pressure off you and your planning committee. Is there anything else you need? Just ask!