Broadcast Television

Do you have a concept for a show that you’d like to see developed into a series?

At Tweedle Productions Inc., we LOVE a wildly creative project that challenges us to think outside the box and explore different production plans. We can put our full-service production crew at your service to take you from start to finish in the planning, writing and production of a series. We can organize everything from set design to voice-overs and throw in make-up artists as part of the package as well. We’ve been doing this for decades and it’s our true passion. We’ll shoot the footage, edit the content, perfect the sound quality and generally turn your dream of a show into a feast for the eyes and ears of your audience.

We’ve had our own fun creating a few independent Televisions Series such as TH!NK TV and Oneighty Wake Television. We’ve also produced, hosted and reported for different series programs Canada and internationally!

Contact us today and let’s explore your options!