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You may have heard that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world—after Google—and that 75% of Canadians watch videos online every month. That makes video a powerful ally in your efforts to ensure that your ideal clients can find you online and feel motivated to find out more about who you are and what you offer.

Whether you want your video to showcase a live event, train your employees, support your brand or help launch a new product, we can help de-mystify the complicated process of production and grab your audience’s attention. And we complete every job on time and on budget.

Here’s How We Work:

Concept Development

We take you from concept to completion keeping you informed at every production stage along the way!

We’ll explore what your objectives, messages, goals, and viewer takeaways are and we’ll listen to what you believe would serve you in terms of a video solution. We’ll share the lessons learned from our own years of experience and help design a video project that will meet your needs and suit your audience. Need help with scripts and storyboards? We’ve got you covered.


Once the concept is in place, we’ll research the concepts, write the scripts, scout the location, help you organize the talent and schedule the shoot, create the shot lists, find the background sounds and music, etc. We do what we do best, so you to focus on what you do best!


Lights, camera, action! We’ll ensure you look and feel your best for the shoot and keep everybody on task while taping is underway. We coach you and the members of your team and put everyone at ease with our comfortable, professional and yet relaxed and fun approach to the production process.


Our team will edit the raw footage, develop an audio track and integrate all the moving parts into one cohesive, and very powerful, end result. We can provide a variety of formats for broadcasting online and for television—just let us know what you need and we will deliver.

Service Areas

Our clients might ask us to produce anything from a simple video to a full TV series for broadcast television. Here are some ideas for engaging our services:

 Want to know more? Contact us today to find out how we can put video to work for you.