The Tweedle Productions Inc. team believes that every company, and everyone, no matter how small, has the capacity to give back to its community. We are strongly committed to helping people share their message with the world, and as a part of our “social enterprise” philosophy, each year we donate our time and talent to a charity in need.

Our goal is to help charities and not-for-profit organizations reach their audiences and deliver their messages in a creative and inspiring manner through video and media & presentation training. We welcome the challenge of innovating and experimenting in ways to create more with less, and it pushes us to think creatively. We grow as a team, and support our community all at the same time.

We encourage you to get involved with a local organization and see what positive changes you can make today!

The Tweedle Productions Inc. Scholarship was created in 2006 at Mohawk College. This monetary award is granted to a student who gives back to the community along with balancing their studies.