Our Mission? Your Mission!

It’s tough enough to tell a powerful story on a digital platform or a printed page, but when someone sticks a camera in your face and asks you to do it while twinkling like a star, most people freeze. We get it. This isn’t your bag of chips. The whole world might be a-buzz with the “power of video” but most of our clients don’t know their B-Roll from an F-Stop. That’s why Tweedle Productions Inc. has staked our business on making the video production process simple, straightforward and cost-efficient. No fuss, no worries, no drama queens. We make it easy.

You’re probably turning to video to make sure your story is told with flair and emotion so you can focus on the key objectives that are going to make a difference in your world – and the lives of the people you are here to serve. You’re turning to us to make it happen, creatively, professionally and seamlessly. We make our clients feel comfortable behind the scenes and in front of the camera, and we’re completely dedicated to telling your stories with the kind of cinematic style that engages your audience and impresses your children.

Just kidding – do you have any idea what it takes to impress a 12-year-old these days? They own this medium. Or so they would like us to believe.

What We Do

Tweedle Productions Inc. brings exhilarating energy and a sense of wonder to all of our projects, no matter how big the budget or how small the set. We make video accessible and affordable and we are dedicated to demystifying video production for our clients. We will help you kick your fear factor to the curb while collaborating with you on the shiny project of telling your story through the magic of video. Trust us, we’ll make you look good. We can:

  • help you connect with your clients or stakeholders through high-impact videos
  • create staff efficiencies with a video training series
  • develop a unique orientation video
  • produce a video to support your grant application video
  • …or whatever else your goals require

We have excellent production strategies and superb post-production capabilities and we’re standing by to help you capture your audience’s attention and tell your story in a way that will leave them yearning for more. Yes, yearning.

Got a project in mind? Let’s talk about it!

Meet the Boss:

About Tweedle ProductionsMindy Tweedle, Owner / Producer

The multi award-winning Mindy Tweedle doesn’t actually discuss a project with a client so much as effervesce her way through a gripping vision of what her team can do for you. Ideas bubble up and out of her in rapid succession and before you know it she has captured, perfectly, the essence of what you want to achieve with your video. A complete professional with a highly creative and energetic approach to her work, Mindy has been running Tweedle Productions Inc. for two decades. She provides a truly transformative experience for her clients.

What’s more, Mindy has brought her vibrant expertise to work on more than 80 television shows for Canada’s leading national channels, and she has achieved major success at the helm of start-up projects in Europe and in other Tier One North American cities. She has launched a number of independent TV Series for other networks, and she has produced and hosted one of her own. With strong ties to her community, she is intensely committed to helping people communicate their message in an inspiring way. She’s got you covered.

Giving Back

Mindy Tweedle is a proud Rotarian with a strong sense of community. For more than a decade, the Tweedle Productions Inc. Scholarship has been providing an annual scholarship to a like-minded Mohawk College student, to confirm the company’s commitment to contribution. Tweedle Productions Inc. also donates its video services to one charity every year, creating a free video that allows the charity to communicate an inspiring message of hope.